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World War I Map - This map shows the world on the brink of war in 1914. Very helpful for Mr. B's class! http://www.westpoint.edu/history/SiteAssets/SitePages/World%20War%20I/WWOne01.gif
World War 1 Poster Project - Worth 50 points & due February 13. Have fun with this one; it's creative!!
World War I PowerPoint - Downloadable and viewable for your studying!
Russian Revolution Notes - presented 2/15/2013
World War I Section Summaries - used in Mr. B's classes
Internet Inquiry - Following are the links for our World War 1 Internet Inquiry on the Change in armaments during the Great War.  The first one may not be accessible through our school's filter (I have a hard copy in case of this); the other two links are accessible through the filter.  This exercise is due at the end of the period.

Photos in lesson:

Peace, 1919 - A good comparison of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points for Peace and the Treaty of Versailles, 1919 is at http://www.rpfuller.com/gcse/history/2.html.

World War 1 Video links for further help:


Also review at www.classzone.com & phschool.com/atschool

Trench Warfare

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