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Hello,  I'm Mrs. Fine!

I know that most of you are very curious about me since we will be working in history for the rest of the year.  Therefore, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. 
I have taught history here at Beverly since 1999, as well as Latin for 5 years, and am involved with a lot of technology-related staff development.  Previous to teaching here, I taught Latin and history at an all-girls high school in New Orleans for 4 years.  In 2004, I earned my Master's Degree in Education with a focus in Technology in the Classroom from Walden University.  I earned my Bachelor's degree in Latin and History with certification in Education from Butler University in Indianapolis (some of you may have heard of their basketball team which is quite good!).  Before that, I lived in Connecticut and Michigan.  I have also traveled to Turkey and Greece (I would encourage all of you to travel inside and outside the country if you have the chance - it is a wonderful experience!).
I have a husband Keith who likes to build out our house and two sons named Max and Jack!  I look forward to working with all of you this semester and wish you lots of success in all of your endeavors!
Yes, I do have a Facebook page but will not "friend" any students until they graduate! Please understand that you will either be ignored or in a holding pattern until that time.
This is a picture of my husband and me.

Office hours:  Period 5 every day, Period 8 on Thursday, at lunch, and after school every day by appointment only.

Office location: Room 212

Office Phone Number: 310-551-5100 extension 8212

E-mail address: afine@bhusd.org

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Last revised August 2010.