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Chapter 20 focuses on the major political, cultural, economic and technological trends of the late 20th & early 21st century. Keep in mind that on several issues, our textbook is a bit outdated ;)

Homework - terms are due the day of the test; see excerpt due date as it is different. Excerpt rubric is here: http://afine0.tripod.com/historyadventure/whh/ModernEra/ch20excerpt-rubric.doc
Chapter 20 Notes - This is .pdf file!
History of Space Exploration -  extensive PowerPoint detailing the modern history of the space race and space exploration

President Bush Speech after 9/11

Terrorism Wrap-Up Assignment, 2014

Essay topics:

  • technology advancements
  • space exploration
  • environmental issues
  • human rights issues
  • economic interdependence
  • religious issues
  • political issues
  • terrorism
  • pop culture
  • globalization

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