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Holocaust Online Activity - Here is the description and the list of links for this activity.  Complete 2 site reviews! This may be completed on Word and is due at the end of class on March 30! Worth 50 points! http://afine0.tripod.com/historyadventure/wh/ww2/HolocaustExhibitionOnlineActivity.pdf
Rubric for Holocaust Activity
Japanese War Atrocities Online Activity - On the other side of the world, even before the Nazis followed Hitler's plan to decimate the Jews and other non-Aryans, the Japanese military was expanding into and destroying neighboring Asian societies and cultures. Since the "Asian Holocaust" has become more known in recent years and is a necessary part of human history and relations, I would like you to delve into the topic as well, for I believe that it is a under-reported and little understood aspect of World War II.  Although there is more information and many more sites about the Holocaust, the listed sites contain large amounts of information; some of the information is more graphic and disturbing than that of comparable Holocaust sites.  Students are warned to exercise caution and read the descriptions of the web sites before reviewing them due to the disturbing imagery and text.  This was an in-class assignment and is due at the end of class on May 11, 2007.
Homework Packet (Excerpts are all online!) - due the day of the test! May be handed in hard copy or digitally.
Possible essay topics are:
  • war atrocities
  • causes of WWII
  • leaders during WWII
  • compare/contrast the war in Europe with the war in the Pacific
  • dropping of the atomic bomb
  • geography of war
  • aftermath of WWII

WW2 PPT -  Warning! This is a large file! over 27MB! Be prepared! However, it is comprehensive and from another teacher and site. I think iti is very useful as an overview of the war.
Holocaust Denial PPT - This file is about 5MB and discusses how people can deny the facts surrounding the Holocaust. Very interesting. Another great PowerPoint by Scott Masters.
WW2 Notes - Causes and Steps Toward war (3/7/14)
WW2 Causes - notes taken via mind map 3/26/2012
WW2 Steps to War - notes from 3/29/2012
WW2 Notes - An overview of the war (the short version). Notes from 3/29/2012.
Notes from 4/1/2009
1919-WWI ends
1929-Stock Market Crash
1932-Hitler/FDR elected
1935-Nuremburg Laws
1936-Berlin/Olympics, invasion of Rhineland
1938-Anschluss, Sudetenland, Kristallnacht, Death Camps
1939-Invation of Poland-WWII starts.Britian and France declared war.
Notes from 4/9/10
May 8, 1945 – VE Day
Sept. 2, 1945 – VJ Day
August 1945 – bombs dropped on Japan
April 29, 1945 – Hitler
April 7, 1945 – FDR
June 6, 1944 – D Day
1943 – Operation Husky
1942 – N African Campaign
                Battle of El Alamein
1942 – Battle of Stalingrad
1940 – Battle of Britain
                France occupied
Sept. 1939 – Poland invaded
                Start WWII
Dropping of the Atomic Bomb

Document Analysis

1.      Who wrote this document?

2.      What is the purpose of this document?

3.      What date was this document issued?

4.      Why is the name of the city left out?

5.      Why does the atomic bomb's power have to be explained?

6.      Look at the last paragraph of the second page of the press release. What were Truman's plans for ending the war? Did he accomplish those goals in dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why or why not?

7.      On page three, Truman advocates the use of atomic power for world peace. How does he propose to fulfill this goal?

8.      What reasons does President Truman use to justify dropping the bomb?

Follow-Up Questions

1.      Armed with all of the knowledge that President Truman and his advisors had accumulated, how would you have ended the war in the Pacific?

2.      Make a table listing the advantages and disadvantages that the atomic bomb presented to modern warfare? Why did the fire bombing of Tokyo just weeks earlier that killed over 120,000 civilians not receive the same moral criticism that the atomic bomb received? One newspaper critic stated after dropping the bomb, "Yesterday we clinched victory in the Pacific, but we sowed the whirlwind." What did he mean by this? Argue for or against this statement.

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