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World War I was a pivotal war in modern history. Explore this war, its causes, course and effects with the class and through your individual project.

Possible Essay Topics:

  1. Nationalism
  2. causes of WWI
  3. change of technology in warfare
  4. America enters war
  5. Treaty of Versailles vs Fourteen Points
  6. League of Nations
  7. human rights violations
  8. geography of war
  9. effects of WWI on the arts
  10. Russian Revolution

World War 1 Poster Project - Worth 50 points & due by February 13. Have fun with this one; it's creative!!
World War I PowerPoint - Downloadable and viewable for your studying!
Internet Inquiry - Following are the links for our World War 1 Internet Inquiry on the Change in armaments during the Great War.  The first one may not be accessible through our school's filter (I have a hard copy in case of this); the other two links are accessible through the filter.  This exercise is due at the end of the period.

Photos in lesson:

Peace, 1919 - A good comparison of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points for Peace and the Treaty of Versailles, 1919 is at http://www.rpfuller.com/gcse/history/2.html.

World War 1 Video links for further help:

WWI Allied Propaganda Poster













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