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Cecil Rhodes demonstrated the British attitude toward Africa in Punch Magazine.


www.historywiz.com/ wealth.htm


PowerPoint from Scott Master on New Imperialism - very helpful!

Notes from 1/10/13

Africa Map - you need to know this for the test! - http://afine0.tripod.com/historyadventure/wh/imperialism/africa.map.pdf


Possible Essay Topics:

  • anaylze the causes of imperialism
  • describe the legacy that imperialism has left in Asia and Africa
  • analyze America & its connection to Latin America
  • compare Mexico & other Latin American countries' development
  • compare/comtrast different countries' experiences with imperialism
  • conflict between European and Asian imperialists
  • analyze a connection between Cry Freedom and imperialism
  • imperialistic success in the South Pacific
  • how did some countries escape imperialism?
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