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The Industrial Revolution covered a large part of the 18th-19th centuries and completely revolutionized how people worked and lived. It still influences us today.

Homework Packet due the day of the test!
Industrial Revolution Video - Questions
Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism PPT (2013) - any broken hyperlinks can be searched via YouTube. Don't forget "What's Opera, Doc?" a spoof on Wagner's Ring Cycle.
Factors for the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England (brainstorm in class 10/23/2007):

  • Scientific Revolution - technology, inventors
  • Natural Resources - coal, iron, workers, cotton (from colonies)
  • transportation - harbors, oceans, navy, roads, canals
  • strong economy - favorable balance of trade
  • agricultural revolution
  • colonies

Class Notes on Economic Thinkers of the I.R. (10/29/2007):

  • Adam Smith - laissez-faire & supply & demand
  • David Ricardo - Iron Law of Wages
  • Thomas Malthus - population will outpace food supply
  • Karl Marx - scientific socialism --> communism, proletariat, 1848 - Communist Manifesto

Class Notes from 11/17-18/2004:

Remember that Faulty Reasoning is defined as

  • an argument based on emotion,
  • an argument based on superstition,
  • or an argument that just foes not make sense.

Class Notes from 11/19/2004:

  • The Agricultural Revolution started in Britain, thus the Industrial Revolution started there as well.
  • Other countries followed Britain's lead, so that by the turn of the century, the US and Germany were the leading industrial countries.
  • Don't forget to complete the worksheet on the back of "Faulty Reasoning" for Monday - this is to be completed instead of notes for Chapter 3 Section 4!

Industrial Revolution Newspaper

This year, we will be writing articles/essays for a newspaper covering the major events, trends & people of the Industrial Revolution. Students will then format all of this information into Microsoft Publisher for practice creating a newspaper layout.  Knowledge of this software will be useful for students in the future as more classes use project-based assessment in addition to standardized tests.  This is a group project for up to 4 people; students who wish to work individually may do so. We will be in the computer lab November 15-22 to format our newspapers; this project is completely due at the end of class November 22, either digitally or hard copy.

DescriptionMS Publisher How-to

Excel How-to -http://afine0.tripod.com/historyadventure/wh/IndustrialRev/PieChartDirections.doc

Project Example (A level)

DBQ Notes from 11/16/2005 - Notes regarding all documents and how each might be used to answer the essay question.  Remember that these are not exclusive; you may have valid answers that are not addressed here.  You may want to email such notes to your instructor for inclusion in this list.

DBQ Notes 2010 -
Remember to draft a short outline so that you can organize your thoughts and make it easier to write your essay.
Have at least 2 documents to support each of your topic sentences (paragraphs)
Group your documents so that they are topical, not just in order of appearance in the essay question
Make sure you have a thesis statement that answers the essay question!
Focus on the information and creating a logical argument to support your thesis statement in 5-paragraphs - not on flowery language!

Basic structure:
A. Introduction - thesis statement
B. Support paragraph
1. Document facts
2. Document facts
C. Support paragraph
1. Document facts
2. Document facts
D. Support paragraph
1. Document facts
2. Document facts
E. Conclusion
Industrial Revolution Notes 2010

Helpful Videos:

Women working in a textile factory

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