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Mardi Gras Project & Rubric - Remember Presentations are on March 11 in Room 300!
Extra Credit for Spring Final (+15): create an entry for the 2008 Fox Writing Contest. Follow all contest rules, and submit your entry  by February 29. Details at http://department.monm.edu/classics/Department/FoxContest/.

Final Exam:
covers chapter 15-27 storyline as well as general story & characters; all grammar to this point (5 declension, all six cases, 4 conjugations of verbs, all six tenses in active voice, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, irregular verbs & anything else I have forgotten.  review all culture till this point (textbook & activities) & word study notes.
Verb Mastery will be on June 13 (35 MC) & your final exam will be on June 18 (100MC).

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