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Welcome to History!

Mrs. Fine's Mission

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As an educator, I would like all of my students to feel that they have learned from my class, whether it be subject-oriented or life-oriented.  I will provide an environment in which students can learn life skills and pursue their own individual paths.  I will foster an atmosphere that embraces technology as a tool and appropriate use of that technology.  I will communicate effectively with parents so they can reinforce and support student learning and skills at home.  Students and parents will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Mrs. Fine
History Teacher
Beverly Hills High School

This year Mrs. Fine is teaching 2 courses:
  • World History & Geography - Students will survey the entire world's history from the 15th century up to the modern era.  Students will also cover the modern geography of the world.  This course required for Sophomores.
  • World History & Geography HonorsStudents will survey the entire world's history from the 15th century up to the modern era.  Students will also cover the modern geography of the world.  This course is designed for Freshmen who are interested in continuing on in AP European History their Sophomore year and will demand more intense analysis of primary source documents and develop students' writing skills.

August/September 2015:

  • 8/11 - First day of classes
  • 9/7 - no school
  • 9/14-15 - no school
  • 9/23 - no school

Congratulations to Tessa Rudolph and Danya Pollack who earned Honorable Mentions in the 2015 Bernice L. Fox Writing Contest!

Thank you!!!

On May 21, 2013 we were lucky enough to have Ms. Claudia Erlich Sobral screen her powerful documentary Ghosts of the Third Reich for our students. If you would like more information about her film, go to or to the Facebook page

Want to help out?

Is there something missing from the classroom?

Donate to PTSA! Last year PTSA provided teachers with multimedia carts, LCD projectors, ELMO document cameras, and laptops, as well as supplementary materials and opportunities for professional development.

Parents and students may also donate directly to the classroom for a tax-deductible donation. Gift cards for, Office Depot, OfficeMax and Staples are always useful in any amount for subsidizing classroom supplies.

Thank you for all of your care and generosity!

Homework Hints:

  • Create flashcards for vocabulary and important terms
  • Study in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed
  • Outline or take notes on all reading assignments
  • Tape record lectures and discussions for easy review
  • Keep a binder at home with all of the chapters organized for easy review at the semester final
  • utilize online publisher web sites and activities for more review and practice
  • Assemble a small study group to review for tests
  • Always ask questions in class or via email
  • If you don't have homework, review your assignments so far - that review will help you to make more connections and review for the final exam!

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Last Revised May 2015.